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Rat’s breed at a very fast pace, so if you spot a rat during the day you can assume there are at least 10 more nearby.  A healthy female rat will live for two years and can have 60 young every year. So it doesn’t take long for rats to become a colony, which is why you should never ignore them.

Unlike mice, which are active during daylight hours, rats are generally more active during darkness. So, if you see a rat during the day it’s either because there’s a shortage of food or there are lots of rats in that area fighting for food.

They’re secretive, very intelligent, and extremely adaptable to their surroundings making them very difficult to control.

During winter months’ rats move away from fields and hedgerows towards homes and gardens and tend to venture only as far as they too, to reach food and water. They will create burrows in lawns or flowerbeds or make shelters in and underneath outbuildings such as garden sheds.  Other popular shelters are overgrown gardens, compost heaps, under patios and decking and bulky rubbish, so you should make sure your garden is kept tidy at all times.

Rats can also climb. They’ll climb vertical surfaces and will also use cables and beams. They can also jump over 2 feet high, which often explains how, they can find their way into homes, particularly loft space.  If you store lots of items in your loft and you think you have rats, this could be where they’re nesting.  Listen out for scratching or rustling.

If you think you have rats or any other rodent in your home, you should look out for droppings in and around the kitchen and all other rooms where they might find food – if you have rats you will always find evidence in or around a food source.

You should always check electric cables in and around the house along with cupboard doors for evidence of teeth marks from where they’ve been gnawing.  

If you or your neighbours feed pets’ outdoors or feed birds, birds are messy eaters and bird food alone is enough to attract rats.

Rats need food and water so if you feed your pets’ outdoors you should always take care to find a suitable place and rat proof container to store pet or bird food. Rabbit hutches and runs should also be rat proof and you should never put droppings or litter on compost heaps.

Domestic rubbish bins are another great attraction for rats. Ideally you should make sure your bin has a secure lid otherwise if you can, keep the rubbish indoors until collection day. Never leave rubbish bags outdoors.

There are a number of DIY rat products available such as traps, killer bait and child and pet friendly rat boxes.  Please remember to read and follow all instructions properly and if you’re a bird feeder you must stop until any pest control treatment is complete.

If you have seen a rat or think you have a rat problem, note where you spotted them and contact your local Council.  If you feed birds you must stop until any pest control treatment is complete because it interferes with any treatment.

It is an offence not to take appropriate action. 






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