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How to get the perfect lawn

Whatever size of garden you have, you will need the correct tools.

Basic tools:


Edging iron


Garden fork


Autumn is always the best time of year to re-seed or re-turf your lawn because the ground is still warm and you would have cut the lawn for the last time.

Throughout the winter months until late February/March you should try and stay off the lawn as much as you can, particularly if it’s frozen or wet.

Only when the weather conditions are dry, usually mid or late March should you think about cutting the lawn for the first time. And then, you should only lightly ‘top’ the grass. Cutting the lawn too short so early in the season can cause damage.

When spring has arrived in earnest you can start to lower the height of the cut, but this should be done in stages until you reach your preferred lawn height.

This is also a good time to feed the lawn with a suitable fertilizer/lawn feed. If you want to apply a weed killer this should be done mid spring. Most weed killers or weed and feed treatments contain chemicals to kill off moss. Once the moss has died you can rake it up off the lawn. If any weeds or moss survive you should treat them again during July, the height of summer.

Peak summer is when you might have to mow your lawn twice a week.  This is also the time when, if the weather is dry for any length of time, you will need to water the lawn.  Some say a good soaking once or twice is far better than frequent light watering with a sprinkler system.

As the summer draws to a close the amount of time spent mowing should be less and you should start to lengthen the height of the cut. This is also the time to scarify and spike the lawn to aerate the soil beneath.

With autumn approaching the last cut of the season should be just a ‘top’ before you give the lawn an autumn feed.


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