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Adjustable Wrench- See 'Spanner'

Air Compressor- a device that converts electrical power or gas into kinetic energy by pressurizing and compressing air. (Click image to be redirected to our air compressor products)

Allen Key - a spanner designed to turn an Allen screw.

Allen Screw - screw with a hexagonal socket head.

Angle Grinder - a handheld power tool used for cutting, grinding and polishing. It is also known as a side or disc grinder.

Awl - a pointed spike with a fluted blade used for piercing materials.

Band saw - a power tool which uses a blade consisting of a continuous band of metal with teeth along one edge.

Bar Clamp - also known as an F-clamp, this tool holds materials together firmly.

Belt sander - machine used to sand down wood and other materials for finishing purposes.

Bit - the cutting part of the drill.

Bleed key - small key used to release air from a radiator.

Brace - a U shaped hand tool which is used to drill holes.

Bradawl - thin pointed tool with a bulbous handle used to pierce wood, leather etc.

Cap nut - a nut that connects the radiator valve to the central heating pipe.

Chisel – a tool that is used to cut and carve materials such as wood, stone and metal. It is usually used with a mallet or hammer acting as the driving force. (Click on the chisels image to be redirected to our range of chisels and punches)

Chainsaw - a portable mechanical saw, powered by electricity, compressed air, hydraulic power, or most commonly a two-stroke engine.

Circlip (butterfly clip) - type of fastener consisting of a semi-flexible metal ring with open ends, which can be snapped into place. Internal and External circlips are available at Tallis Country

Circular saw - a metal disc or blade sometimes with saw teeth on the edge as well as the machine that causes the disk to spin. It is a tool for cutting wood or other materials and may be hand-held or table-mounted.

Circuit breaker - a switch that is installed into a consumer unit to protect the circuit or a device that has been plugged into the mains.

Cold saw - a machine that cuts metal using its circular saw blade .

Cross cut saw - a hand saw that cuts across the grain of wood. The teeth are like that of a knife and cut the wood.

Disc sander - a tool that is used to smooth surfaces. The rapid moving disc of sandpaper is powered electrically.

Drill - a tool used for drilling holes in various materials or fastening various materials together the use of fasteners. (Click on the image of the drill to be redirected to our half price Hexagon Impact Driver Kit)

Emery Cloth - a type of sandpaper abrasive that has emery glued to a cloth backing.

Fixing Bolts - bolts used to lock together materials. An Allen key is used to tighten and loosen them.

Hack saw - a saw where the teeth are on a strip of blade held taught in a frame.

Heat gun - a tool which highly resembles a hairdryer; it releases a stream of hot air which can be used to strip paint, soften adhesives etc.

Jack - a mechanical device used to lift heavy loads or apply great forces.

Jigsaw - a hand saw that consists of a small motor and reciprocating saw blade. It is used to cut curves and freestyle shapes in wood and metal.

Lathe - a machine that holds the material and rotates it about a horizontal axis against a tool that shapes it. Used in woodwork, metal work etc.

Nail gun - a tool generally driven by compressed air or electromagnetism which drives nails into surfaces.

Plane - a block fitted with a steel blade used to shave thin layers of wood.

Pneumatic– a system that utilises pressurized gas to affect mechanical motion.

Power wrench - a type of wrench that is powered by something other than the person operating it- usually by compressed air.

Reciprocating saw - a blade that cuts by moving backward and forward.

Ripsaw – a saw that cuts with the grain. The teeth are sharpened like chisels so it rips through the wood.

Rotary tool - a hand held power tool that can be fitted with different attachments which can be used for sanding, cutting, carving etc.

Sabre saw - a hand held reciprocating saw that is similar to a jigsaw.

Spanner- Also known as a wrench, a spanner is a tool used to provide grip and mechanical advantage in applying torque to turn objects such as nuts and bolts. An adjustable wrench/ spanner has a 'jaw' that can be adjustable to suit different sizes. A combination spanner is a double-ended tool, open at one end  and box/ring at the other.

Table saw - an electrically powered tool consisting of a circular saw blade protruding through a table which provides support for the material being cut, mounted on an arbor.

T-square - a drawing instrument that is used for drawing horizontal lines.

Vice - a tool which uses a mechanical screw to clamp materials in place.

Wrench- See 'Spanner'
Wall chaser – a power tool used for cutting narrow grooves in walls.



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