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Caring for your wax jacket

Re-waxing/ Re-proofing:

Although it depends on the amount of wear, a wax jacket generally needs reproofing around once a year. Barbour offer a service where they will re-wax your jacket, but this offer is obviously for Barbour jackets only. However you can re-wax your jacket yourself:

1.     Make sure the jacket is clean (see below ‘Cleaning  a wax jacket’).

2.     Melt a tin of wax by placing the tin in a pan of boiling water

3.     Apply the melted wax in small amounts with a cotton cloth, paying close attention to seams and pockets in particular. Keep the wax away from the lining and the collar of the jacket

4.     When finished, hang up the jacket. To even out the wax, you can use a hairdryer to re-melt some areas. This should even it out and give it a shiny finish.

Cleaning a wax jacket:

1.     Sponge down jacket with cold, clean water

2.     DO NOT use soaps or detergent

3.     Hang up and let it dry naturally

Putting a wax jacket in a washing machine/ tumble dryer or using soaps and detergents will permanently damage your jacket. When the jacket is re-waxed the coat will absorb the wax, ruining the inner lining and any clothes worn underneath.



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