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The Right Footwear For The Job
Equestrian Footwear

Riding boots: boots made for horse riding- they are tall enough to prevent the saddle pinching the leg. A firm toe protects the riders’ feet against the horse’s hooves when on the ground.

Field boots
: tall riding boots that have laces around the ankle- this makes the ankle much more flexible and this has specifically been designed for jumping. Therefore these boots are good to wear for show jumping, hunting and other events.


Jodhpur boots/ Paddock boots
: these are worn for everyday use and pleasure riding. They come just above the ankle - one style has laces and the other is elastic sided.
Dress Boots: made from very stiff leather, these are worn for dressage, eventing and in some cases, foxhunting.
Hunt Boots/Top Boots: a boot worn for hunting, these are similar to the dress boot except for the usually tan ‘cuff’ around the top.

Work Footwear
Safety Boots: laced up work boots generally with a steel toe to protect feet.
Safety boots pictured available from Tallis Country here

Rigger Boots:  a taller, pull-on boot. A general safety work boot which are worn for all types of manual work.
Rigger boot pictured available from Tallis Country here

Walking Footwear

Trail shoes: trainer-like walking shoes which are lightweight and ideal for short hikes on less rugged ground.
Hiking boots: durable and higher-cut that the trail shoes; hiking boots are waterproof and are suited to steeper inclines and uneven, muddy paths.
Hiking boot pictured available from Tallis Country here 
Mountaineering boots: for the hardcore hiker/climber! These boots are made for hard packed snow and glaciers- they’re warm, waterproof and extremely strong. 


Fishing footwear

Hip boots/waders: worn to protect a fisherman from water and allows them to wade deeper. Generally made from rubber, these boots cover the whole leg up to the waist.

Chest waders: same concept as hip boots except they cover the torso. 
Chest Waders available at Tallis Country here
Rubber/PVC: the general wellington boot that everyone needs, made from waterproof and strong PVC  they’re lined with easy dry nylon.
PVC Wellington boot pictured available from Tallis Country here
Leather lined: good to wear for shooting, the leather lining provides ultimate warmth- however they can be very expensive.
Neoprene lined: again really good for shooting, and these are a cheaper alternative to the leather lined wellingtons.
Neoprene lined wellingtons pictured available from Tallis Country here

Neoprene Wellingtons:
here the outer part of the boot is also made from neoprene, making them extremely warm and waterproof.





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