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Clothing Etiquette 
What to wear & when to wear it


Game Shooting: Formal Shoot

·       Shirt and tie

·       Brown/green breeks

·       High socks

·       Tweed jacket

·       A good quality wellington                                 

·       Cap

·       Jumper in brown/green

·       Waistcoat optional

·       No Camouflage clothing

·       No bulk

Game Shooting: Rough Shoot

·       Dark top or shirt and tie

·       Breeks or trousers in brown/green

·       Thick socks

·       Wax jacket

·       Wellingtons 

·       Leggings or over trousers

·       Thick Jumper

·       Thorn proof items, jacket etc

·       Camouflage is acceptable                                           

·       Clothing is going to be bulkier and thicker


Fishing: Fly 

·       Most formal/ expensive form of fishing

·       Layers - wear a few good quality thermals - building up lots of thick layers will restrict movement when fishing.

·       Keeping the feet warm is important - but building up too many layers on the foot will again restrict movement and make them even colder. Neoprene socks, wool socks and a good quality wader boot should keep feet warm.

·       Waders

·       Wader boots (if wader is bootless) 

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