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The British Association for Shooting & Conservation

Code of Good Shooting Practice


In Britain we are rightly proud of our shooting sports. Game management and conservation shape and enhance our landscape. Wildlife thrives where land is managed for shooting. Over a million people are involved in shooting; many more enjoy the end product as consumers of pheasants, partridges and other game. Moreover, shooting makes a substantial contribution to the rural economy often at times and in places where other income is scarce.
Provided it is carried out following the advice set out in this code the release of reared birds is an entirely valid method of increasing or sustaining a stock of wild game: indeed it is fundamental to British game shooting and its attendant conservation benefits.
We must never be complacent about the future of shooting. Shooting and shoot management practices will be judged by the way participants and providers behave. Our sport is under constant and detailed scrutiny and we must demonstrate that we conduct it to high standards. The Code of Good Shooting Practice brings together those standards and makes them easily available to all who participate. It embodies fundamental respect for the quarry species and care for the environment.
This Code sets out the framework that enables shoot managers, Guns, gamekeepers and their employees to deliver sustainable shooting, paying attention to management of habitat and avoiding nuisance to others. All who shoot or are involved in shooting in any way should, under this code, abide by and remind others of the provisions set out in the PDF below.

The Good Shooting Guide

The Code of Good Shooting Practice is overseen by a Steering Committee comprising representatives of the following organisations:
It is endorsed by leading sporting agents and game farmers.
If you have any valid concerns about how a shoot is organised or require further information contact:
The Secretary, Code of Good Shooting Practice, Marford Mill, Rossett, Wrexham  LL12 0HL. Tel: 01244 573 019  Fax: 01244 573 013

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