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A Bit of History


Oliver Winchester established himself in the firearms business in 1857 when he purchased the Volcanic Repeating Arms Company. He employed Benjamin Tyler Henry as his main gun mechanic. The following year Henry devised a new rifle with a 15-cartridge magazine. Moving the trigger lever down and back to its original position operated the gun. This extracted the spent cartridge, carried a fresh shell from the spring-activated tubular magazine into the chamber, and cocked the hammer ready for firing.

The rifle sold well and in 1866 the Winchester Repeating Arms Company was established at New Haven, Connecticut. Soon afterwards an improved version of Benjamin Tyler Henry's rifle was produced. It was however the 1873 model that was the most successful Winchester. Over the next 40 years the company sold 720,610 of these rifles.


John Moses Browning, born in 1855 in Ogden, Utah, was the son of a Mormon pioneer. He is arguably the most prolific of all firearms designers, holding 128  gun patents, which have been built by numerous companies, including Browning, Winchester, Colt, Remington, and Fabrique Nationale de Herstal.

He obtained his first patent when he was 24 and never slowed. In fact, at the time of his death in 1926, he was working on yet another firearm design, this time for a self-loading pistol. Source:


Beretta has been in existence since the 1500s when it was the preferred weapon of choice by the Republic of Venice because its excellence. Word soon spread and a tradition spanning 15 generations was born.

The trade secrets and attention to detail Jacopo inherited from his father Bartolomeo in the early 1500s were passed onto his own son Giovannino and then to his grandson Giovan Antonio and so on and so on.

In the early 1900s Pietro simplified construction and modernized manufacturing methods firmly establishing Beretta as one of the world’s most modern firearms production facilities. Source:


The history of Miroku stems from Japan’s Meiji era (1868-1912), when in a bid to become a modern nation, Japan began learning, Western manufacturing techniques.

Back in 1893, a metalsmith called Kuraki Miroku began making hunting guns in the mountain region of Kochi. At this time many more people than today lived in Kochi, a region teemed with deer, boar and other wildlife. By 1934 Miroku was making harpoons, Colt-style pistols and various other hunting guns.

During the war, Miroku made weapons but afterwards the business was suspended until 1951, when a new law allowed Miroku to incorporate and resume production of hunting guns.

Since then, Miroku has become the largest Japanese three non-military gunmakers, supplying about 60% of the guns sold by Browning. Source:

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