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Poultry Q&A's
 What kind of pen should I keep my chickens in?

You can build your own pen using posts and chicken wire (believe it or not) or you can purchase one from here:

Pens are a good idea as chickens can rule gardens, and even chase you out of them if they want!

My chickens are ruining my garden, how can I control them?

Chickens love to scratch around, and unfortunately this means garden beds and bulbs get torn to shreds. You could try building a small barrier around the areas you don’t want scratched, out of posts and chicken wire.

What breeds of chicken are good layers?

White Leghorns (pronounced leggerns) are prolific layers of white eggs. Golden Comets and Red Sex Links are excellent layers of brown eggs.

What breeds of chicken are reared for meat?

For meat production only, nothing compares with the fast growth of Cornish Cross (White Cornish

x White Plymouth Rock). They reach 4-5 lbs in 6 weeks and 6-10 lbs in 8-12 weeks.

Is there a breed of chicken that I can get eggs AND meat from?

Dual purpose breeds include several American and English breeds such as Plymouth Rocks, Sussex,  and Wyandottes. These breeds lay reasonably well and are large enough for meat


Can cockerels become aggressive? Can I prevent this from happening?

Cockerels can become aggressive during the breeding season, and this is usually aimed towards other males or someone ‘interfering’ with his flock.

Trimming a cockerels spurs will remove his main weapon, but contact a vet to help you do this safely and hygienically. Also letting the cockerel know you are top of the pecking order will stop him from

trying to attack you.

How many chickens should I get?

The number of chickens you keep depends on how much space and time you have, but also on how many eggs you wish you have laid for you. Good layers can lay one or two eggs a day- six chickens could mean 30-40 eggs a month!

Should I get a mix of hens and cockerels?

Unless you wish to breed, there is no real reason to have a cockerel in with your hens- they can become possessive and even aggressive towards you.

Is there a friendlier breed of chickens?

Orpington chickens are a quieter breed of chicken, and Black Rocks have a good temperament.


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