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                                                               Advice for First Time Cat Owners

Are there many different breeds of cats?
 For a basic guide, have a look at the cat breeds Wikipedia page: and always go into deeper research about a specific breed before you look to buy.

Are some breeds of cat friendlier than others?
It is hard to say as all cats have the potential to be affectionate, kind pets. Different breeds however may carry different characteristics. For example it is said that Bombay cats are sensitive to sound, and so may not cope as well with children or noisy environments. However, the behaviour of a pet does depend on the owner and how much time and love they are willing to put into raising an animal. For more opinions of friendly/ less friendly breeds of cat, have a read of these links:

As you will see, here there aren’t necessarily any ‘unfriendly’ breeds, just some that require different needs.

How long can I leave my cat?

Unlike dogs, cats are more independent. It is however, unwise to leave them for long stretches of time. If left with food and water, a cat can be left for a day or so. However if you’re going away for longer have someone check up on it, or put it in a cattery.

Why are toys good for my cat?

Cats are naturally inquisitive and energetic animals- playing with toys keeps them exercised and also stop them getting bored and chewing the house up.

What toys are good for my cat?

Cats love to chase and to bat things around- screwed up paper or a small ball will do the job. Also anything that is made of string will encourage them to chase  and run about.

My cat keeps scratching the furniture, how can I stop this?

Cats need to scratch - try and offer something else for them to scratch other than furniture! Also you could take them to the vet and have their claws trimmed.

If I have a cat flap how do I stop other cats and animals coming into my house?

These days you can buy an ‘automatic’ cat flap, which will use infra red or a microchip to operate the flap, so only your cat can open it. This website is useful to look at different types of cat flaps

Is it cruel to keep my cat indoors all day?

There isn’t a black and white answer to this, as all cats are different. Most cats do enjoy being outside, but if you’re worried about traffic or other cats in the neighbourhood, maybe it’s best to keep your cat inside and supervise it if it goes outside. Also make sure your cat has had the appropriate vaccinations.


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