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The Pony Club   

Open to anyone aged 21 or under, The Pony Club offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a novice, a complete beginner wanting to learn all about horse and pony care or an experienced rider wanting to compete internationally, The Pony Club can help you. Even the very young can begin to learn the basic principles of horse care with the mini achievement badges. You don’t even have to own your own pony.
From a humble beginning where 80 years ago The Pony Club had 700 members, nowadays it boasts over 110,000 members across 18 countries and is the largest equestrian youth organization worldwide. It’s a training organization and the only equestrian organization that actively promotes sportsmanship, citizenship and loyalty as part of its objectives. It is also the only organization to offer teaching in all disciplines, including showing jumping, dressage, eventing, tetrathlon, mounted games, endurance, polo, polocrosse and pony racing.

Although the backbone of The Pony Club are the working rallies where members are encouraged to improve their horsemanship and horse-mastership, children of all ages always look forward to The Pony Club Camp.

The Pony Club Camps are a fantastic opportunity where children take their ponies, meet and make new friends. It’s also a fun place to learn. Each child is responsible for the welfare of their pony and a typical day will start at 7:30am with mucking out, followed by breakfast. Everyone then heads back to the stables to groom and get the ponies tacked up, ready for the daily tack and turnout inspection. Usually the morning is spent having riding lessons covering all sorts of elements. After lunch there will be more riding and usually a lesson in stable management before the stables are inspected (and marked) at the end of the day.
During the evening there will be a variety of activities and, depending on the age-group, can include a trip to the local cinema, swimming and team games.

The very first camp was held in 1931 when The Pony Club boasted 4,442 members - 79 years later and they’re still going strong.
As the children progress with confidence and experience they can, if they wish, concentrate on one or more discipline and for the advanced there are opportunities to compete in competitions across the UK and even internationally. Pony Club teams have competed in places such as Australia, Canada, Uruguay, Argentina and South Africa.

Many leading international riders both past and present spent their formative years in The Pony Club. The entire Beijing Olympics Bronze medal winning eventing team were former Pony Club members.

The Pony Club is an independent registered charity that relies on the help of volunteers and instructors to cater for all ages and all abilities, providing rallies, training and other fun activities across the country and beyond.

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