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How Much Will It Cost?

Buying your pony is only the first of many financial steps. Whether you decide to buy or take a pony on loan, it’s a long term financial commitment...and it isn’t cheap.

To begin with you have to decide where you’re going to keep your horse or pony. There are many types of livery but unless you have your own land, the cheapest option is Do It Yourself (DIY) livery. DIY livery facilities vary, some may offer a field, others may offer a field with a shelter and/or a stable. DIY is the cheapest option but it’s not suitable for those with not much time because the daily responsibility of your pony is very much yours.

DIY costs vary from £15 to £25 per week. When choosing a suitable DIY yard, apart from how far away it is from home, it’s also a good idea to establish the whereabouts of the water tap and ask whether there’s suitable lighting for those long winter nights and a secure place to keep tack and feed.

Most DIY yards will provide the basic tools needed to muck-out. However it’s worth bearing in mind that you might have to provide your own. You will also need to have your own first aid and grooming kit. Grooming kit essentials are: dandy brush, curry comb, body brush, hoof pick, metal mane comb, sponges, head collar & lead rope and rugs.

Unless your pony was sold with tack another big expense is the saddle and bridle. The bridle has to fit perfectly and the saddle has to fit both the pony and rider, so please take advice from an expert. Whatever you do, don’t buy the first second hand saddle and bridle you come across. Ill fitting tack will injury your pony. It can also be dangerous for both the pony and rider.

Although the actual cost of keeping your pony will depend greatly on whether you have your own land or what type of livery you choose, you must also consider the cost of feed and bedding. Hay must be kept in a dry and well-ventilated environment and if you have suitable storage, it’s quite often cheaper to buy hay and straw in bulk.

Another ongoing and necessary cost is the farrier. Whether your pony is shod or not, he or she will need to be seen by a farrier at least every 8 weeks to have its feet trimmed or to be shod.

Your pony’s health is of paramount importance and the cost of regular worming and routine vaccinations against Tetanus and Equine Flu should be taken into account. Unfortunately ponies are not immune to illness or injury and our advice is that you take out suitable insurance. If you have taken a pony on loan you should always establish with the owner, who is responsible for the routine health costs and for those times when your pony might fall ill or become injured. 
The quantities of feed, bedding and farrier costs will vary depending on your pony’s needs.
The British Horse Society has put together a list of cost estimates. 
 Initial Outlay:
Stable Equipment
Field Shelter (erection)
Stable Erection
Pre-Purchase Vetting (per horse)
First Aid/Grooming Kit                                                                       
Riding Clothes/Equipment
Leather Saddle                                                                            
British Leather Saddle & Bit
Outdoor rug                                                                                      
Indoor rug
 Annual Livery Costs (per annum):
Full Livery                                                                                
Part Livery
Working Livery
Field Livery
 Essential Annual Requirements:
Specialist Shoeing (every 4 weeks)                                                   
Shoeing (every 6 weeks)
Trimming (every 6 weeks) £215
Tetanus & equine Influenza Vaccination excluding vet call out fee
Worming Products (1 syringe every 8 weeks)
Shavings (using 2 bales per weeks)
Straw (small bales using 2 bales per week)                                  
Hay (small bales, using 4 bales per week) £936
Haylage (small bales using 3 bales per week) £936
Bag of Horse/Pony Cubes (using 1 bag every 3 weeks)
Bag of Chaff (using 1 bag every 2 weeks)
Additional Costs:
Euthanasia & Carcuss Disposal                                             

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